Consider this:

  • We live in the fastest-growing region in Canada.
  • Ours is the most densely populated area of the country without easy access to a university.
  • Our graduates deserve the same recognition for their credentials as those for any other university.
  • A university in the Fraser Valley would bring the many benefits and advantages now enjoyed in other regions of BC.

If you believe that our Fraser Valley communities deserve the same opportunities as other regions of our Province, take action today! Start by signing our online petition -- it's easy and you can send the link to a friend when you're done. Read UCFV's official application for university status here.

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Campus 2020 came to the Fraser Valley Nov 9. Check out the photos here.

Now online:
> Campus 2020 report
> summary of the Abbotsford
   public forum on Nov.9
> video clips from the forum